Life Sciences and Healthcare firms strive everyday to provide the best and safer products to consumers. With this as the primary focus, PharmCentre was created to help our customers take care of their customers well.

Our solutions are designed to support brands and products. The scope of PharmCentre portfolio ranges Medical affairs, Pharmacovigilance Call center, Patient compliance, Product complaints, Clinical Trials, and Healthcare marketing management.

PharmCentre is a subsidiary of MakroCare that has focus in Life Sciences industry. We have a global reach with offices in USA, Europe, Japan and South Asia.PharmCentre is ISO 9001, 20000 and 27001 certified.


USA       : +1 866 879 1354 (toll free)
Europe   : + 49 699 579 6901
Asia       : +91 404 434 6699

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