Clinical Research

Clinical Research services portfolio of PharmCenter supports Drug development teams in certain key responsibilities like patient recruitment, unbliding, site support, retention, compliance, surveillance and safety. PharmCenter team comprises of members with experience in pharmacy, nursing and medical background who are responsible for handling in-bound and out-bound calls.

Patient Retention

As PharmCenter teams acts as your extending partner to make highly successful patient retention programs list lost to follow-up patients, patient education/compliance and patient schedules. In addition we also act as patient counseling center. Our patient retention solutions are customized according to sponsors study protocols and designs.

Emergency code breaking- Clinical trials

Our highly experience resources are accessible round the clock to PIs and HCPs in case of emergency code break when patient has any medical emergency. All the applicable SOPs and standard protocols are in place to guide the PIs/ HCP in an emergency situation to unblind codes by working on sponsors IVWRS or other randomization systems.

Site Support

With global trials getting more complex and more diverse from geographical perspective, providing a solid support to sites when they need is very challenging. PharmCenter assists sites from EDC IT support to GCP Training to scheduling their routine visits by acting as a “ONE” call sponsor liaison.


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