Patient recruitment

Globally patient recruitment is the biggest challenge in clinical research. Some studies attribute the delay of 1 day in clinical research to 1 Million USD loss to firms. Also other studies suggest that most of the clinical trials get delayed because of patient recruitment. PharmCentre undertakes different services in this regard to support clinical trials.

Patient screening and recruitment – We respond to queries from patients and provide them information related to the research study. We prescreen the patients based on eligibility criteria and quickly set up an appointment at the investigator sites for further screening and evaluation.

Quality of life assessments–We ensure patient compliance and retention. We collect information through quality of life questionnaires/assessments and diary data collection.

Regulatory document collection – We assist in regulatory document collection and record the process from the day the document was sent until delivery of a complete package to the IRB.

Insurance reimbursement Hotline – We assist physicians with coding and billing information, and conduct insurance verifications. We conduct policy coverage research and provide information to help the billing staff appeal denied claims. Thereby, we will assure that the physician will continue to prescribe your drug by decreasing denied claims.

Investigator Recruitment – Our country wide database of physicians with super specialty degrees helps us for quick physician recruitment to participate in clinical trials.

Expanded Access Programs – We facilitate drug shipment, monitor patient enrollment, collect performance reports and perform monthly site monitoring visits through phone.


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